House Raising & Lifting in Taylor

House Raising & Lifting in TaylorIf your crawl space or basement is too low, do you feel like you’re constantly banging your head against the ground? For those seeking more space without having to give up their backyard, our solution is ideal. Frustrated by high insurance rates? We can help. Upgrade today to house raising and lifting!

You Want More Space

Adding a second story and raising your house are two options you might consider if you want to expand your home. By raising your home, you can create a full basement from an existing crawl space or raise the basement ceiling. Using the methods above, you may be able to double the square footage of your home. A first floor or basement can cost 60 percent to 70 percent less than adding the same amount of square footage another way. The ability to keep your backyard is another great reason for raising your house instead of extending it. Most residential lots in the city are small, so you don’t have much outdoor space. Raising your home allows you to have more outdoor space.

Smarter than moving

Your home’s value will increase by $1.50 for every $1.00 you spend on improvements. Also, you will avoid all the costs associated with selling and buying a larger home (for example, real estate fees, land transfer taxes, legal fees, and moving costs).

You should buy a home that fits your lifestyle, regardless of how much you enjoy your current house and neighborhood. Alternatively, you may want to create an area that your family can enjoy for years to come. Renting out a room is also an option. You might be able to save money by renting a room to support your renovations.

Flood Protection

There is water close to many areas of the world, from freshwater zones that flood to wetlands and low-bank properties along the sound and ocean shorelines. Many of these houses need to be relocated or raised from the high-water zone. Whether you have suffered flood damage and need to lift your house to prevent further flooding, or if you are taking preventative measures to prevent flooding down the road, we can help. Lifting houses can also mitigate the effects of climate change such as sea level rise and flooding.

The foundation structures of residential and commercial buildings are the focus of our foundation repair expertise. Over the years, we have worked in many different environments. Our warranty is backed by a lifetime commitment, and what makes us stand out is that we have been in business for years, and we will continue to be in business. Go ahead and give us a call today at 512-647-2027 to get your FREE estimate. As a licensed and bonded contractor, we are anxious to assist you with any house raising projects or leveling solutions.